Real industry professionals can sit and admire another stylist’s art and learn from them. Stylists that love what they do can look at others and be instantly drawn to their hairstyles and images of beauty. We can look at people and see their style or see their flaws. But it’s just our way of being mindful and tuned in to beauty–it’s just what we pay attention to. I often remember people’s hair before I remember them or the conversation that may have taken place between us. I will remember if they had a hair color that I liked, or if their hair was longer or shorter, those things are always memorable for me.

It is not just the way we see beauty it is also our touch and how we create beauty. We are healing leaders with our touch, which is part of the role we signed up for. Healing through touch and beauty is what doing hair is all about.

As a stylist you may not relate to this now, but maybe you do, you touch the hearts of every man woman or child who becomes fond of you and in some instances, the association becomes healing to them. I am not suggesting that the emotional bond that a stylist and client share is more important than a great hairstyle or hair care regimen, after all, that’s the real reason for the bond to initiate from the beginning; but the bond and hairstyle go hand and hand. When you service your clients and they are pleased with your work that is just as rewarding for you as it is for them. The relationship between a stylist and client should be a rewarding experience for both parties. Giving your client the maximum experience professionally and emotionally puts you in the best possible position as you will have a client for life. People will feel as though they need you because you’ve become a valuable commodity to them, and only you can do such a phenomenal job.  They could be getting the simplest hairstyle, but they just love everything that you do for them and how you make them feel. Sometimes to our clients, we are irreplaceable; but never take that for granted. If you give them a total experience and touch them in many ways, they will form a bond with you that make them a loyal customer. Unfortunately, as important as it is to grow these skills, the average stylist has not.


Once you start to grow these skills, you will feel rewarded and become more conscious of how you perform. In turn, others feel this energy, and it becomes contagious when your clients respond with gratitude and appreciation. You will want it to spread to every person who sits in your chair. I learned this from the great example I saw in the first salon that employed me. The two stylists who everyone gravitated to had contagious energy that didn’t exist with other stylists just as talented.  Everyone felt their energy and wanted to sit in their chair for one reason or another. People will equally be inspired by your energy and want to sit in your chair because of what you radiate. When people love and respect what you do for them, in most cases, you want to give your best, when your heart is into it. I have taken many of my hurt-filled, angry days and released the negative emotions behind my chair. When you allow yourself to be healing to someone else it is hard to stay in a hurt place. Now I know and understand, when you find joy in what you’re doing, the hurt can’t stay around!


The role that a great hairstylist and leader plays is to bring all elements of their craft together, touching and healing through their own personal development. It’s so awesome to think that people like me and you can make a great big difference in the world simply by being who we are, flaws and all. Assert yourself as a therapeutic leadership position just by being a good professional hairstylist who knows the value of connecting with people; don’t be afraid to be great and aid in healing people. Don’t be afraid of your own ability to touch people through making others feel good. We help ourselves through helping others, after all that’s what the therapeutic touch is all about!

If you guys feel that this information is helpful, please let me know! If you would like for me to elaborate more, let me know that as well! I love hearing from you, so please give me more feedback on how I can serve you!