Before you judge this subject on a sudden impulse lets really consider the weave option or hair extensions for men. The term man weave is a rather new terminology for male extension or hair replacement services but in all actuality it is not weaving at all.

This term was used in part mockery and because people don’t really know the difference. Male hair replacement options have been around for a very long time and at some point they were and still are kind of the best kept secret.

male hair replacement unit. it is customized to fit in the area where hair has prematurely stopped growing.

What many don’t know is how hair extension services for men have been helpful in boosting confidence about hair loss. I personally have a client that expressed to me how insecure he has felt for years about his premature hair loss and how having the man weave has made him feel so much better. He feels like having hair gives him a more youthful appearance. Before he would hide underneath his hat and never took it off unless he was home.

undetectable hairline

What many people don’t know is that some men suffer in silence about premature balding just as women who seek hair loss options when they are faced with this issue. I have offered hair replacement options for a lot of people over the years and I have never seen anyone who did not wish for a solution to replace hair where there is none.

Generally speaking most men accept it and move on with life. However some don’t feel 100% comfortable when faced with the dilemma of hair loss.

Now they have affordable innovative solutions that look very realistic for replacing hair. Yet still this is a very sensitive subject for both men and women. As soon as you utter the words man weave it’s usually followed by a chuckle. Men are still embarrassed to inquire about it even if they secretly want to.

Perhaps the term man weave doesn’t help, hair replacement units are a bit more permanent and technically the right way to go about a long term approach for male hair replacement. The difference in the 2 is; the man weaves are bonded to the scalp almost like a glue in. A hair replacement unit is measured to fit the bald area and then a whole unit is customized that can be worn long term, removed and then reattached. This typically can be worn for about 1-2 years, the man weave last about 4-6 weeks before it has to be done all over again.

this is what a unit looks like on the inside, they are made to fit the area the unit will be placed and attached with safe skin adhesives.

But why do some feel the need to judge or shame a man that wants to feel better about the way he looks? Hair is something that we are all affected by this certainly is not a gender issue.

I had 1 guy contact me the day of his wedding. He had gone back and forth with his self about whether or not he should cover up the front of his hair which had premature balding because he just wanted his hair to look nice for his wedding pictures. He had gone back and forth with his self for weeks and finally the morning of his wedding he decided to go for it!

He called me in an emergency and was very nervous about his first hair extension experience. He was very pleased with the result, it had been so naturally blended with his own hair and his wife to be loved what he had done for their wedding day pictures. He hadn’t even told her he was going to do it.

Hair technology has come a long way with many practical hair solutions for everyone to feel better about their overall appearances.

Men like women should feel comfortable about exploring enhancement options especially when insecurity plays apart in how one feels about themselves. When something can be so realistic that you can’t even tell it is there that’s an even greater reason to explore these options if you want to.

At the end of the day, do what will be best for you. It is society that has to catch up to these innovative hair options.

If you guys feel that this information is helpful, please let me know! If you would like for me to elaborate more, let me know that as well!  I love hearing from you, so please give me more feedback on how I can serve you!