As you guys know, there are many options for adding additional commercial hair into your own hair. We even have options for women who have no hair at all. Today I decided to cover a few different installment methods that I offer and my top three reasons that either my client or I may opt to use a particular method as opposed to another option.

While this blog only covers a few options and doesn’t cover the options in any particular order, stylist and innovators are coming up with new ways to integrate commercial hair every day.

My top 3 reasons for the glue-in:

  • Glue-ins are a really cool option for people who want to try a temporary look that will stay put for about 2 weeks to a month. In a quick and easy way, any look you want can be created using this type of hair bond. You can create up dos, short looks, add pieces of hair here or there, and just about any other kind of style imaginable. Glue-ins can be much fun and creative and take the least amount of time to install over other extension options. In summary, a glue-in is a temporary, quick option to create just about any hair style you desire.
  • A glue-in is also the most cost effective of all extension options. It is cost effective because of the short duration the style can be worn. If you are in a crunch and still want an awesome hairstyle, opt for a glue-in. When a glue-in is properly installed and properly removed, it is a great cost-efficient method to add commercial hair.
  • If you ever want to add a little pop of color or many colors for that matter, the glue-in is the go-to method! This is also the flattest, most seamless way to create any hairstyle. A glue-in is a good method to strategically place in small areas or large areas, however you choose, it still creates seamless blends.

Drawbacks.  There are a few drawbacks with the glue-in primarily because it is an adhesive. Careful removal is of utmost importance so that the natural hair is not pulled or removed during the removal of the glue-in. You do not want to use the glue-in method repeatedly. It should be applied correctly by a professional or someone who knows how to properly install and remove a glue-in. It is not advisable to invest in high-grade virgin hair as you will only be able to apply the hair once and then discard it. Re-using or re-gluing hair will cause damage to your own natural hair.  Additionally, glue-ins are not an option for someone who has a bothersome scalp.

Nevertheless, if a glue-in fits the spectrum of what you’re looking for–a temporary hairstyle that is cost effective–this is by far the best choice.

My top 3 reasons for a traditional sew in:

When it comes to what is best for natural kinky hair, this method by far is my first choice for putting the hair up and giving it the honest break that it may need. The best part about a braided weave is that little to no hair has to be left out.  The hair can be left dormant to grow and become strong. 

  • There are several reasons for a traditional sew-in: transition from a relaxer to a natural, growing out a bad haircut, experiencing excessive shedding, or using more heat than recommended. I always advise my clients to put the hair up. The traditional sew-in is indeed a true protective style when properly done. In my opinion, a traditional braided sew-in is the best way to protect distressed hair and give it a time out to recuperate.
  • Braided sew-ins can be done as rows in-between your own hair. It can be done as a full unit with your hair out in just the outer perimeter (which is good for wearing the hair up), or it can be done as a full attachment with absolutely no hair left out. These methods generally last about 3 months. This option gives you a low-maintenance hairstyle for 3 months that feels like it’s your own hair. The good thing about having a weave is you can curl it every day if you want to and not worry about having to do your hair.
  • Weaving is a way to try different hair textures and attach them to your own hair for 3 months at a time. When you do this as a full unit, without any of your own hair left out, you can try any color, length, and style.

Drawbacks. Some people don’t like the feel of the braids against their scalp. If you have had a bad weave, it may keep you apprehensive about getting it done again. There are some limitations to versatility once the hair is installed to be a certain style.  For example, a part may have to be a fixed, thereby limiting styling options.

Another drawback is that your hair underneath the weave takes a long time to dry once you shampoo. Thus, the shampoo and drying process could take hours before the process is complete.

My top 3 reasons for my braidless method:

One of the reasons I refer to it as my braidless method is because there are many innovators who have created their own braidless techniques.  I created my own system using the microlinks. It has proven to hold strong and last for 3-4 months with minimal maintenance in-between. 

  • This is a wonderful choice for adding a bang or piece with extreme flatness that is considered a long-term attachment because it last for about 3 months. The only other method to obtain more flatness is with a glue-in method which is temporary. People love it because there are no braids. The flatness of the wefts of hair lying very closely to the scalp allows you to gently separate the hair anywhere and still not see the wefts. If you are looking for the maximum amount of flatness with volume and length that blends into your own hair, this is the method.
  • Because the commercial hair seamlessly blends in your own hair, you can wear a high ponytail. When you shampoo, unlike braided weaves, it dries much faster. The braidless method allows you to blend your hair instead of covering it up. I do prefer this method on my straight hair clients because of the microlinks tendency to tangle in some overly curly hair textures.
  • The braidless weave gives you options to add color and blend it into your own hair, yet it’s not necessary to make a color commitment with your hair. Many of my clients who use this method enjoy taking the opportunity to try something different.

Drawbacks. One drawback to the braidless method is that you cannot do it in a complete unit meaning that hair must be left out in-between each row of your hair. That sometimes makes it difficult to create extreme fullness when you don’t have enough of your own hair to support it. The links must be handled with care to insure minimal pulling especially along the edges of the weave.

My top 3 reasons for a wig/unit:

If you are not a “wig wearer” that word can be scary. However, wigs and units have come a long way from what they used to be. Wigs and units are very similar in concept but are very different in what they offer. Wigs are always to cover the head whereas units can cover the full head or partials.  A custom unit is designed to fit the head like a perfect glove; a wig is a general fit. 

  • Wigs and custom units are a great way to give the hair a break from the everyday wear and tear. They can be used as a protective style. The better the fit, the more comfortable they will be, and the airiness of the cap allows for breathability.
  • Wigs and units can be attached or taken off at your leisure. When you have a stand by option like this, you will never have a bad hair day again. If you like to change your hair often, you can have as many styles as you’d like instantly. The reason for wigs and custom units are very easy to understand. They give you as many hair changes as you desire, at any given moment.
  • A lot of modern hairstyles require lots of hair to create very dramatic looks. Unfortunately, it is not always advisable to create and weave so many bundles of hair into your own personal hair. When a hairstyle is not appropriate to create using your own hair or commercial hair, wigs allow you to create any look at any time for any occasion.

Drawbacks.  A huge drawback to wigs and units is that people aren’t always open to wearing them and can find them quite intimidating. A lot of us get attached to feeling that our weaves are a part of us; the idea of something being so removable can be overwhelming. If the wig or unit does not fit to your liking, it tends to look very wiggy, thus leaving you even more apprehensive about being open to this option. 

If you guys feel that this information is helpful, please let me know! If you would like for me to elaborate more, let me know that as well!  I love hearing from you, so please give me more feedback on how I can serve you!