There was I time in my life when I didn’t understand my gift or my purpose. As a young hairstylist, I didn’t understand that my career was not just about doing hair; I didn’t know that it was more so about a talent that was innately part of a purpose that I serve in this lifetime. At the young, confused age of seventeen, I became a licensed cosmetologist; and I thought it was by chance. Unbelievably, I went to beauty school because I wasn’t doing anything else with my time. I had no idea that doing so was a step into my purpose.

I didn’t have a clue then what I was going to do with my life. Also, I was angry and suffered many internal battles about living an unfulfilled life and one without direction. Ironically beauty school changed my life. Not only did it put me on the path to find my purpose, it showed me a better way of thinking about life, purpose, and people. You see, there was a time when I wanted nothing to do with people aside from rendering a professional service and giving them what they paid for. As I grew up in the beauty industry, I began to see that I touched people beyond just doing their hair. I used to walk around sad and ungrateful–wishing I could make a difference and not just exist while all along young girls, women, and even my seniors were drawing something positive from me.

Truth be told, people saw my purpose and potential long before I did. It took going to beauty school to find my path. It took the love that the industry gave to me to learn how to love others and touch them beyond what beauty school taught me. People sometimes don’t understand the term, “the industry loved me first,” so let me explain. I was a lost young girl who lacked self-confidence.  The hair industry gave me self-confidence and gave me a feeling of accomplishment. Likewise, it fed me, clothed me, never left me for broke, and it made me a leader admired by others.  This gave me purpose. If this industry had not loved me first, I don’t believe this level of success would have happened to me.

So, if you have chosen this path, allow yourself to be completely engulfed by all the greatness the journey has in store for you. Know that you have something special to offer; and this profession will allow you to use your “specialness” to touch people.  Yes, you are even positioned to help heal people! Don’t be afraid to be who you were made to be.  If you think you are just some mediocre person, think again. We are all somebody, and all of us are different and gifted in some unique way.

Don’t be afraid to use your gift and open up to people.  You never know who needs to hear your words or who can learn from your personal story and experiences. The hair industry gives us a platform to be a voice to the people. Beyond that, if you love it, it will take great care of you. I have served in my industry for over 20 years; and it has been more fulfilling than anything I could have ever imagined for myself. My satisfaction comes not just from the financial gains, but from the many rewards of touching so many people along the way.