today I decided to put a different kind of spin on my message. As most of you know I spend a lot of time delivering a message or content about hair and industry experiences, but today I want to spend time speaking about following your dreams. Not only following your dreams but doing it with a relentless approach even after things don’t seem as though they will go in your favor. Not just following your dreams but believing in yourself when know one else around you does. It is easy to ponder on an idea, or think and dismiss. Most of us come across life changing, wealth building, innovative ideas all the time. The problem is that that’s exactly where they remain, a thought of, and dismissed idea. Not only does it not go anywhere pass a thought, when we don’t write it down we don’t even remember them.

What is not easy is when we turn a thought into a dream. Dreams start out as ideas. To follow your dream it must absolutely be fueled by passion! Often with all the distractions in life we forget to pursue our dreams or simply give up when it was just an idea. I am convinced that most of us have something inside that is waiting to be developed, or is already in the development phase but either way, that’s the dream. When it feels deep inside of us and fills us up with passion because of how deep it resonates from the inside. I dare you to follow that and be who you were called to be, do what you were meant to do.

It is easy to get comfortable in everyday living, the daily grind and a for sure thing, It takes a relentless amount of discipline, focus and passion to make a dream come true. The difference between thinking a thought and not acting on it, you don’t know what it would have took to make that thought a reality. When you chase a dream it requires faith in the unknowing. Therefore; although you don’t know the process of following your dream, you are willing to throw caution to the wind and believe in yourself. Being relentless means even when the times get tough you push, it means even when you have disappointments you push, it even means when everybody tells you that you are wasting your time you gain tunnel vision and push!

Don’t be afraid to live your life with vision and passion. We did not come to this earth to be mediocre, we came to this earth to be great and leave a legacy behind. Greatness is not about wealth (alone), it is not about material gains, it is about feeling a since of fulfillment within yourself. That greatness happens when we follow our passion and step to the higher calling on our lives. We are not meant to work everyday at a job we hate doing things that don’t fulfill us just to survive. We are here to flourish, each one teach one, and tell our story, that becomes the legacy. Dream big and believe that dreams come true when you follow them! That dream is different for all of us, find it, if you have found it, chase it. If you are already in the pursuit, don’t you give up, hard times are coming but the rewards are plentiful.

I am presently in the process of having my book editing and to start the publishing process, I started writing this book over a year ago and I have finally gotten here and it feels like a book. It started an idea that seemed at the time an impossible accomplishment. Not because I couldn’t put words on a piece of paper or type them up and make it happen, but because I have high hopes for this book, I’m looking to be a best selling author, I want to tell my story and touch people all over the world. It was a lot of pressure in the beginning as I didn’t even know the approach I should take to write the book however, as I settled my anxiety and began to write the vision and ideas started to flow. As I became more clear the step by step process brought me closer to the dream. I studied a few best selling books, I paid attention to different styles of writing and I focused on what outcome I am looking to have. Focusing on my dream made the process enjoyable and rewarding, a thought could have never giving me that. More importantly in order to focus on the dream and the outcome I wanted I had to get rid of outside distractions ( social media, hanging out, idle time).

If this was just a brief thought or idea, I would have never known all the work I would have to put in along with time and effort to make my book a reality. Not only was it hard work, it challenged me to think deep, expand my vocabulary and it gave me sharper writing skills. I have not published it yet but the rewards of just finishing is greater than what my thoughts could have ever imagined!


  1. For the first time in a long time. I have read something that had passion. May your journey to accomplishing your goals be fulfilling. Thanks for the read and the inspiration. I will do just that “follow my dreams”!