How long should you leave your weave in?

This seems to be an ongoing question for so many, some people really don’t  have a clue how long they should hold on to such an investment or when to let it go. I am going to help you out a bit. The answer to this question has nothing to do with how long the weave can physically hold on (even if it’s for dear life) but it has more to do with what is a good time cycle to keep the weave. There are also factors like hair texture and even the season. In the fall and winter months the scalp can be dry and itchy minimizing comfort, sometimes the only way to relieve this discomfort is to take the weave out and give a through shampoo, conditioning and scalp maintenance. In the summer dryness may not be a concern but if you have excessive sweating and moisture this can also minimize the time.

Another factor and one important detail that is outside of your hands or the technicians hands is the actual quality of the hair you are having installed. No matter how well the technique is if the batch of hair you are having installed is bad it is very little that can be done to salvage that weave. Once you begin to pull and tug in efforts to manage the commercial hair you may also be pulling and tugging excessively to the braids or foundation underneath. Many of my customers often hear me refer to taking care of their weaves like fine china, however if the hair is not cooperating it will be very difficult to be gentle. You have to consider this important factor when you plan on wearing your weave for its full installment time. Make sure that your commercial hair is of high enough quality to withstand your installment periods.

Generally speaking a sew in weave should last anywhere between and a half months to no more than 3 and 1 half months. This range is so wide because the different methods and techniques. The quality of hair also determine that time frame.When you are adding rows of hair in between your own hair this is called adding rows. It is the most cost effective way to add the commercial hair to yours but it does not last as long as a full sewin. The rows last less time because it is on a smaller foundation. This method works best for natural curly hair because you need to have some texture to your own hair in order to hold the braids. If you try this braided method on hair that is not textured enough the braids will not last at all. This method typically last about 6 weeks however, I have seen some keep it in as long as 8 weeks before the rows are loose and need to come out.

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A regular full weave installment or a full installment with the outer perimeter of the hairline left out can last about 3 months easy with a good quality of hair. This installment will sometimes need a 6 week maintenance period where the weave needs to be restitched at the halfway point. Depending on how often you shampoo in between, sweat, or how vigorous your hair routine is will determine if this maintenance will be necessary, it is a case by case basses. Sometimes A high quality weave that is done with top grade hair and thread should hold up for quite a while even up to six months, this is not recommended in fact i highly advise against leaving anything attached to the head longer than 3 1/2 months this is the type mistake people make when they assume that if the added hair is holding up that the hair is fine. In my experience I have found that the natural hair goes through a terrible matting process and the amount of hair loss, tangling, and time it takes to remove is just not worth it. 3 1/2 months is a safe place and my recommended time frame. If you have extremely fine or fragile hair you will have to modify this time accordingly.

For all my other weave installment done on my straight hair such as the braidless method also last about 3 1/2 months. This time frame has been tested by me over years using my braidless method. When I first started to offer this braidless sewin to my clients we actually would stretch it as far as 5 months. I decided after experimenting with different time frames that the amount of pulling to the natural hair strands was inevitable when the weave is left in that long. Extra pulling to the hair is the one red flag for all sewins! I have come to my own conclusion that has been tried and true 3 to 3 1/2 months is a safe place for everyone with all textures curly or straight to be in.

Keep in mine this is not a one size fits all. If you have problem areas or personal hair concerns or scalp issue you have to act accordingly and decide your individual comfort level. Depending on your individual concern you and your stylist should decide the time and what maintenance needs to be done based on those concerns.