The basic signs of female pattern baldness are generally the same for most women, it is a loss of hair or thinning in the crown area (top of the head) usually starting with a thinning part, over time widening and becoming more progressive. Often when hair loss is a result of excessive pulling or a constant wear in one area of the head, you may see the same type of thinning or widening in that area as well, long-term styles like ponytails causing pulling on the sides or temple area. Tightly twisting the hair and the long-term use of adhesives. Ponytails directly in the same place over time may cause pulling and tension in that area. This problem may appear more rapidly and magnified by the use of chemicals. There is sometimes visible tightness and spacing in the scalp when this thinning is occurring, especially in African American woman who use relaxers to straighten their hair. In most cases that I have spoken to women who have suffered from this issue, they generally have some signs of tightness, itchiness, or soreness to the scalp when this process is taken place, especially when wearing relaxers or braids that are too tight.

The causes of female pattern baldness, unfortunately, are not fully known, however, doctors would agree long-term chemical use contributes to the progression and does not help and it is always recommended to discontinue when hair loss is an issue.

Stress certainly cannot be overlooked, nor bad nerves. Genetics may sometimes be a factor, I have witnessed many people who mothers or fathers or skipped generations have also been affected by the same thinning or receding hairlines as they do presently, in other words that genetic component cannot be changed. Although we may not be able to change our genetic makeup, just like anything else we may take a conscious awareness approach, and be proactive; when certain precautions are taken it may slow down the process. For example, if you know that receding or thinning hairlines run in your family, it may be in your best interest to not continuously do hairstyles that involve pulling and tension on that particular area. Or maybe you want to reevaluate the use of strong chemicals.

Some medicines are responsible for hair loss, like some antidepressant, beta blockers, and non steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs. I personally know women who experienced hair loss while using birth control, high blood pressure, and thyroid medicine also the effects of chemo. I know one young lady who experienced hair loss after taking a certain antibiotic. We are a society that is very codependent on prescription medicine for almost any condition, this adds yet to another side effect, and often contributing another reason for hair loss.

I am sure that this segment alone could open up a long review of family history, prescribed medicines, and different emotional conditions as we continuously look and search for reasons that this epidemic is growing and affecting woman of all nationality and age.  The hardest part of dealing with this hair loss is that there is no permanent cure. Yes, they have this cream and that pill, they have this shot and that laser treatment, but even the ones that give you a little result, it generally stops when the product is discontinued. Also, this is a solution, not a cure. Even when hair does have the ability to be restored, it is not going to be as it once was before the thinning and shutting down of the hair follicle began. My mission is not to make you feel discouraged, but rather to inform you, be honest with you, and began to seek real effective hair solution OPTIONS to a problem that is often out of your control once this process begins to take place. For a lot of woman and men, the devastation of hair loss takes a blow to self-esteem. Once we are able to process this reality, it is a lot easier to transition into the next phase, because there is hope for you to feel better!


Please know that unless you suffer from total alopecia, the more hair you have around your outer perimeter the more options you have for custom hair solutions. It is often hard to stay encouraged when going through hair loss and I see some women begin to neglect their existing hair because they feel discouraged, this is a big mistake. I suggest you maintain and keep healthy what you have as you will be able to have more workable solutions for hair replacement solutions in your favor. If you have at least 2” wide section around your hairline from the ear back you can just about any method of hair weave or hair replacement. Women who do not have any hair or strong hair around the hairline have the least amount of options. The hair around the hairline can serve as a foundation to support anything you apply to the head. When you have no hair around the hairline you’re limited to wigs that have a band around the perimeter for support or adhesives that also make the hairline look very natural.



I always saw it as a very fixable issue. Not fixable in that we can make the hair back strong and healthy like it used to be when you were a younger girl or before the situation occurred, but fixable in that there are so many options to create any look that you so desire, the biggest factor here is monetary.

Life is full of things that will require our undivided attention, there will be conditions that are going to require us to work around the clock to manage or fix that we may sometimes not be able to foresee. Hair cannot be one of those things that consume all of our time because life will be busy throwing everything else our way. The least of our daily worries or battles should be, “what am I going to do with my hair” because you have OPTIONS!

Over the years as I have watched some very sharp, beautiful, vibrant women feel all the confidence in the world, except when it comes to this issue of losing their hair,  and rightfully so. It breaks my heart but I am so happy to be able to help them smile with what I can do for them.  Granted for most, our hair is indeed our glory, and the devastation of hair loss will be life changing on some level or another for anyone, I’m here to tell you this battle is not the end of the road and certainly not the end of life.  There is a fixable, easing, solution available to you.

OUTLOOK:   My personal motto when it comes to hair is, hair should be the least of our worries when there are so many other things that require us to worry that we don’t have any control over or the solutions. Most of us have families, jobs, and sometimes even medical conditions that we must worry or concern ourselves about so if hair can be the least of those things to keep us feeling uneasy let’s fix it and then tackle some real issues. The reason why I never look at hair loss as the end all be all is that you can create styles and looks that look and feel exactly as you desire. So many other things in our life are not as easily fixable. The bigger picture is that hair loss is something that will affect each and every one of us directly or through our loved ones. As women in a modern society, our hair is an important part of perception so find the solution that works for you and get back to feeling good.

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Finding someone who understands this situation is important. Finding a specialist is essential, as this work is not your typical everyday work and requires someone with experience. Part of dealing with a specialist they should understand that this is a lifestyle, and an ongoing relationship, so therefore, reliability and stability is important and providing an atmosphere that is comfortable. A good hair loss and extension specialist will always understand the relationship the bond and the emotional needs of the customer when dealing with this issue.